Happy Mother’s Day to my Children


To my wonderful children: Thank you for being my children and thank you for letting me be your momma. You are all my heart and soul, the essence of my being, my greatest joys. I can’t tell you how my heart soars when I hear your voices call me mom, momma, mommy. My deepest wish was always to be a mom and the five of you made that dream come true in such amazing ways. When you smile and laugh my heart soars. When you are sad and hurt, my soul yearns to erase any pain. Each of your accomplishments fills me immense pride.
Thank you, each of you, for allowing me to feel a love, every moment of every day, to nothing else can compare to, that fills my soul and brings me such joy.
I love you beyond measure, James, Meghan, Topher, TJ, Frankie!!!

Mother's day 2016

 © 2016 therealityofraisingafamily. All rights reserved.

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