The Spin Cycle of my Life


I just need to find a way to slow down, to not feel this constant pressure of having ten million things to do. There may be the stray day here and there when it doesn’t seem quite so oppressive but that’s a rarity. My heart flutters with angst and honestly, terror. How to get it all done, where to find the time, how to breathe in the midst of it all and when, oh when will it stop? It’s the little things. It’s the big things. It’s all the things in between. The constant go and run and and hurry, faster and faster. I didn’t audition for the part of a juggler but somehow I got the job but I fall very short of living up to the demands of that position. I make the to do lists, I check things off, but as quickly as one thing is accomplished, two or three more are added. It’s never ending. Around and around and around she goes and where she’ll stop nobody knows. The definition of my life in the spin cycle.

 © 2016 therealityofraisingafamily. All rights reserved.

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