The Beauty of Nature (and Ourselves)


When you are out in nature, hiking in the woods, walking along a trail, you look around and you drink in the divine and the beauty of creation.  The colors, the smells, the silence, the air, it all amazes and delights you.  Nature, creation, is beauty and ‘perfection’ and you feel blessed to be surrounded by it, all of it.  What we fail to recognize and internalize is the fact that we are not just surrounded by it, we are it!  We are creation.  We are nature.  We are beauty.

But we get so caught up in perceptions, in expectations, in what someone says we should be, that we are blind to our own internal and external beauty.  Nothing else in nature, creation frets and worries about how they look.  Not the trees, grasses, flowers, animals, birds, sky.  They just ARE.  And they are beautiful! You know they are.  They don’t look at themselves and think, “Oh my, the third branch on my trunk grew in a strange direction.  I need to change that.”  They don’t point fingers at another plant and say, “You’re looking old.  You should color your leaves so you look younger.”  They are who/what they are, living in harmony with themselves and each other.  No criticisms or comparisons. 

We need to learn from nature, from the creation that is all around us, how to BE.  Right here, right now.  Happy with ourselves and our beauty.

 © 2016 therealityofraisingafamily. All rights reserved.

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