Welcome to my blog! My name is Lori.  I, my husband and our children live in the beautiful and enchanting mountains of western North Carolina.  We have five incredible children.  Four sons and one daughter.  Our oldest son is in the Navy.  Our youngest son is 11 years old, and our three middle children are 16 year old triplets (two boys and one girl).  Our life is crazy and full and it’s a constant roller coaster with many highs and lows and everything in between.  There are many challenges in our lives but the blessings and joys absolutely outweigh the wacky times.

I am a stay at home, work at home mom and my children are my heart! We live in an old farmhouse, play outside, go hiking and camping, raise chickens and quail for their eggs, have two big gardens.  We enjoy our times together and most of all we love to laugh!

Mother's day 2016