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Love, Not Hate

Explain to me (the proverbial, collective “I/me”) how does what I do, who I am affects you (the proverbial, collective “you”) or harms you or changes your life in any way {unless I am harming you or others}. What does it matter to you if I am a woman or a man, if I am black or white or Hispanic, if I believe in the same god you do, if I am gay or straight or bisexual, if I live in the country or live in a city, if my favorite color is purple or orange, if I like green beans or broccoli, if I listen to pop or classical music, whatever it is my beliefs or ways of life are? What does it matter to you? Am I hurting you? Am I forcing you to do or be something that you are not? Am I harming you or others? What difference does my “difference” make to you? Why must people hate and fear that which doesn’t fit into their little cut and dry boxes, fear and hate those who are not like them?
The simple, really simple solution is live and let live, be and let be, love and let love. Why is that so hard for so many?
Hate and fear, two of the most destructive and self-destructive emotions humans have yet two of too many people’s most cherished emotions.
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