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A Talented Trio-Kane Kubed

A Talented Trio-Kane Kubed

If you have read my About My Family page, you are aware the three of my five children are triplets.  What you don’t know is that they are incredibly talented and gifted musicians.  They have been playing their respective instruments since 6th grade (they are finishing up their sophomore year in high school in the next week and a half).  Meghan plays the flute; Topher plays the tuba; TJ plays the saxophone (well, actually, he plays the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones).  They all play in their high school’s honors symphonic band and the marching band.  This fall TJ will be one of the three drum majors and Meghan and Topher will be section leaders in the marching band.  All three were in the North Carolina All State Honors Band this Spring.  In 8th grade, their middle school honors band performed on stage at Carnegie Hall!!

The three of them formed their own band, Kane Kubed, in 8th grade to help raise money for their trip to Carnegie Hall by busking (which is street performing).  They have been busking ever since as a way to earn money for various band trips, to put money aside for new instruments and also into their college funds.  They have their own facebook page if  you would like to follow them:  Kane Kubed

I would like to share some of their music with you.  Hope you enjoy and that it brings a smile to your face.  After all, that’s what music is all about!